Six Indian tech startups getting investments from Entrepreneur First UK


In its latest ‘Investor Reveal,’ Entrepreneur First (EF), a UK-based global talent investor, revealed early-stage investments in six software businesses in India, according to the company.

Amikus AI automates contract review and drafting; Grabbit Live, a live online shopping marketplace for independent retailers; Capitall, which unlocks new debt assets for retail investors; unScript AI, which creates hyper-personalized marketing videos at scale; Coupl, which provides banking solutions for millennial couples; and FloWorks, which helps businesses better manage their operations through WhatsApp, are the six startups

EF has so far invested in 42 tech startups in India since its launch in 2019, the statement added.

Vivek Kumar, funding manager, India, at Entrepreneur First said, “It’s inspiring to see how entrepreneurs in India are pushing the boundaries and leveraging innovative and cutting-edge technologies to seek novel solutions across industries and building globally important companies. At EF, we are committed to strengthening the early-stage startup ecosystem in India so that these young entrepreneurs are able to achieve everything that they set out to – and more!”

EF works on diverse market-led innovations powered by artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), robotics, virtual reality (VR) and other cutting-edge technologies to solve real-world problems across industries, according to the statement.

Over the past three years, EF startups have gone on to raise multiple rounds and created global impact, which is a testimony to EF’s unique model, it added. These startups include Unbox Robotics, Immunito, Fello and Neuropixel.